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we specialise in the design, fabrication, and optimisation of a wide range of heat-intensi
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Global Leaders in thermal equipment solutions

Specialised in the design, fabrication, and optimisation of a wide range of heat-intensive systems, including fired heaters, flares, pressure vessels, and process skids.

Who We

UnitBirwelco brings together Birwelco, Unit Superheater Engineering, Unit Engineers and Constructors, UnitBirwelco Energy, UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment Pvt Ltd and UnitBirwelco Middle East to create an engineering group with in-house capability like no other.


Why Choose UB?

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We are a full service supplier with point - to - point communication like never before.

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Quality Focused

We are committed to the highest standards of quality control, and are fully certified in order to deliver a world class service.

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With over 100 years operating in our industry, our knowledge and experience can aid any project.

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Carbon Negative

A carbon negative company since 2020 - working with us will improve your own carbon reduction goals

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Our extensive global presence ensures that assistance is readily available, regardless of your location.

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Diverse Approach

We provide tailored solutions based on your project needs, offering both Indian and Western materials and fabrication.


Unit House, Elba Business Park, Elba Crescent, Swansea, SA1 8QE

01792 654 091

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